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Areion Health Care was conceived in the year 1988 by Dr.Prakash with the aim of providing the best personalised healthcare and wellness solutions.With over 25 years of experience in the field of medicine, Areion hospital has consistently delivered using the best healthcare practices, making it one of the most reliable and trusted hospitals in Bangalore today. The three of us, Dr.Harish Kumar, Dr.Kishore Kumar and Dr.Suresh Kumar have teamed up together with the intention of providing world class healthcare under one roof. As experts in our respective medical specialties we are determined to establish a strong bond based on faith and trust with our patients and our colleagues.

Keeping in line with our four pillars of philosophy – ethics, experience, excellence and expertise, we strive for constantly being on the cutting edge and going the extra mile to stay ahead in the field of healthcare.The invaluable experience and guidance from Dr.Prakash and Dr.Uma Prakash has further spirited us in taking the next big leap to accelerate the fame of Areion Healthcare by establishing the new Aerion Hospitals.

At Aerion Hospitals, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology. Here, we are a perfect blend of technological excellence, adequate infrastructure, compassionate care and equipped with state-of-the art technology. We truly believe that you would be delighted with the way we deliver superior quality health care services with our excellent team of doctors/medical specialists who are well versed with the latest advancements in their respective field of medical expertise. This is further complemented by our teams of highly trained nurses and paramedical staff.


“In Greek mythology, Areion is a divinely-bred, extremely swift immortal horse which, according to the Latin poet Sextus Propertius, was endowed with speech. Arion’s siring by Poseidon in stallion form vary by author: according to the Pseudo-Apollodorus, the horse was foaled by Demeter while she was “in the likeness of a Fury”; Pausanias reported that, according to Antimachus, the horse was the foal of Gaia, the Earth, herself. In the Epic Cycle Arion was mounted most notably by Adrastus, king of Argos”.

Homer, Iliad 23. 346 ff (trans. Lattimore) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) :
“[In a chariot race :] There is none who could sprint to make it up, nor close you, nor pass you, not if the man behind you were driving the great Arion, the swift horse of Adrestos, whose birth is from the immortals”.

Homerica, The Thebaid Fragment 3 (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) :
“[Adrastos fled from Thebes] and took black-maned Areion with him”.


Hesiod, Shield of Heracles 120 ff (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic C8th or C7th B.C.) :
“[Herakles addresses his charioteer Iolaos :] `Guide the great horse, Arion of the black mane, through all his turns and make him help us, as best you are able”.

Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 3. 77 (trans. Aldrich) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.) :
“Adrastos was the only one saved [of the Seven against Thebes], by his horse Areion. Demeter bore this horse to Poseidon, after having sex with him in the likeness of an Erinys”.

Callimachus, Iambi Iambi Fragment 11 (from Stephanus Byzantium s.v. Apesas) (trans. Trypanis) (Greek poet C3rd B.C.) :
“So sped Areion, the Arkadian horse, beside the shrine of Zeus Apesantios [in the chariot race of the first Nemean Games]”.

Strabo, Geography 9. 2. 11 (trans. Jones) (Greek geographer C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :
“In regard to the Harma in Boiotia, some . . . say that the chariot of Adrastos, when he was in flight, was smashed to pieces there, but that Adrastos safely escaped on Areion”.

Pankrates, Antinous (trans. Page, Vol. Select Papyri III, No. 128) (Greek poetry C2nd A.D.) :“Swifter than the steed of Adrastos [i.e. Arion], that once saved its master easily, when he was fleeing through the press of battle.”

Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy 4. 469 ff (trans. Way) (Greek epic C4th A.D.) :
“Of lineage noble was he [the horse of Sthenelos who fought at Troy], for in his veins the blood of swift Arion ran, the foal begotten by the loud-piping Zephyros (West-wind) on a Harpyia, the fleetest of all earth-born steeds, whose feet could race against his father’s swiftest blasts. Him did the Blessed to Adrastos give: and from him sprang the steed of Sthenelos, which Tydeus’ son had given unto his friend in hallowed Troyland”.

Propertius, Elegies 2. 34 (trans. Goold) (Roman elegy C1st B.C.) :
“Adrastus’ Arion spoke aloud, the horse which had gained victory at the funeral games of ill-starred Archemorus [Opheltes of Nemea where Polyneikes rode it in the chariot-race] : would the fate of Amphiaraus’s chariot aught avail you or the destruction of Capaneus, which gave pleasure to mighty Jove [Zeus]?”

Statius, Thebaid 6. 491 ff (trans. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) :
“When now the [horse] race [of the first Nemean Games] is nearing its end . . . [Apollo sends] a snake-stressed monstrous Phantom (Effigiem), of visage terrible to behold . When golden Arion [the horse] saw it, his mane leapt up erect, and he halts with upreared shoulders and holds high suspended his yoke-fellow and the steeds that shared his toil on either side. Straightway the Aonian exile [Polyneikes racing the chariot] is flung backward head-over-heels : he drops the reins, and the chariot, freed from restrain, dashes far away”.

Oppian, Cynegetica 1. 225 (trans. Mair) (Greek poet C3rd A.D.) :
“To Horses beyond all mortal creatures cunning Nature has given a subtle mind and heart . A horse [Areion] there was which ran with light feet over the corn-ears and brake them not, another [offspring of Boreas] ran over the sea and wetted not his coronet”.

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